November 5, 2006

October 24, 2006
Supercharged Hummer H3 to Debut at Las Vegas’s SEMA Show

So whats the big deal? There were numerous supercharged H3s at the SEMA show last year — what makes this one different? Well, this is the first two-speed super charger to be put in a high-performance car or SUV. The Hummer H3 will be displayed at Antonov’s (the manufacturer) booth inside the show. The real fun will be on the proving grounds where a similar system has been installed in a Ford Mustang GT. According to Antonov, the torque and power at the rear wheels of the GT is boosted 58% with the two-speed supercharger. And although they haven’t hooked the H3 up to any computers to test the output, they “confident of a similar performance boost for the Hummer.” Worlds fastest H3? I wouldn’t be surprised…
To see this supurb Antonov supecharger in action goto: Good movie's with big sound' s.
Also a lot of detailed pictures of this combined Rotrex/Antonov supercharger with the Antonov AMM 2-speed set up module. http://www.antonov-

In 31 oktober 2006 it will be demomstrated at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.
There is also a
Here we have all kind of discussions about this Antonov technology. (About all the Antanov patents and historie of the Antonov company and much more information).

The Antonov Lambourghini: