January 30, 2007

Hi My name is Kellie I am writting about Brandon Gillen. He is the owner and operator of Anarchy Offroad and driver of rock crawlers. He was in a serious skiing accident on Sunday, January 29 and was air lifted to University of Utah Medical Center. He has serious damage to his spine and had a 4 hour surgery Sunday night. As of right now he can not feel anything from his chest down, except he can move his arms from the elbow to the shoulder and is having some feeling in his hands. We are hoping as time goes and swelling decreases he will regain even more. The Dr.'s only give a 10 to 15% chance for him to walk again. Brandon is a fighter, he's stubborn and very independent. Anybody who knows him knows he will fight hard to get back on his feet. There has been a trust set up for medical expenses, anybody that can help is encouraged and thanked more than anyone can say. Please forward this information to anyone that knows Brandon or that would just like to help.
The trust is at Zion's Bank C/O Brandon Gillen 800-789-2265 also linked to paypal at Beers4Brandon@gmail.com Please contact me for more info or questions. Thanks for your time! Kellie